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Organic Garlic

Garlic is recognized as a cure-all in practically every culture. Its benefits are limitless.

Respiratory Sooth Tea

Enhances Respiratory System, soothes sore throat, relaxes bronchial spasms, breaks up phlegm and helps to produce an effective cough. Slightly, naturally sweet due to the licorice makes this tea most enjoyable.

Sinus & Lymph

Contains herbs commonly used for sinus and allergy relief, with antibiotic and blood purifying properties*

Castor Oil & Poke Salve

Anti-inflammatory & lymphatic. Useful for arthritic joints, swollen lymph nodes, breaking up cysts and fibroids. Apply externally over affected area. 2 oz. bottle

Clear Cover/ Throat Spray

Provides relief to sore and painful throats. Antibiotic and antibacterial properties. Used as a throat spray but also can be used as a clear band-aid for cuts and scrapes. 2 oz. spray bottle for convenience. Use as needed.

Detox & Cleanse

Used to cleanse and stimulate the liver, kidneys, bladder, spleen, pancreas & gall bladder. Blood purifier.