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Happy Heart

Hawthorn Berry tincture. Used for the strengthening of the heart, blood pressure, atherosclerosis, etc. 2 oz. dropper bottle standard dosage 1-2 dropperful 2-3 x day


Great flavor and loaded with immune boosting properties!

Sinus Cap

Useful for all mucous conditions and lung congestion. Helps eliminate excess mucous, natural anti-biotic, expectorant, soothing to irritated sinus cavities. 50 capsules/ 510 mg

Stevia Powder

2 oz. Stevia Powder Natural sweetener. 1-3 tsp = 1 cup sugar

Vein Support Salve

Formulated with herbal properties to tone and tighten arterial walls. 2 oz. salve

Activated Charcoal

Cleanse and detox. Adsorbs and eliminates toxins, fungi, and harmful bacteria. Also great for gas and bloating providing fast relief. 50 capsules/ 400 mg