Loose Leaf Teas

Our organic loose leaf tea blends are perfect for making infusions loaded with nutritional and medicinal benefits.  Teas are a great way of daily replenishing and cleansing the body while enjoying a delicious cup of tea.

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Sweet Hibiscus

Great flavor, slightly tart, and naturally sweet while loaded with nutritional and medicinal benefits. 3 oz. bag

Respiratory Sooth Tea

Enhances Respiratory System, soothes sore throat, relaxes bronchial spasms, breaks up phlegm and helps to produce an effective cough. Slightly, naturally sweet due to the licorice makes this tea most enjoyable.


Cleansing, Strenghtening, Nutritious, & Delicious. Packed with Vitamins, & Minerals. Excellent Tonic for Reproductive Tract. Naturally sweetened with Stevia.


Great flavor and loaded with immune boosting properties!

Calm Tea

Calming for the upset stomach or the upset attitude. Calming for overactive children and /or nervousness. Great flavor and naturally, slightly sweetened by the Fennel.

Energize Tea

Great flavor with a little spice! Naturally boost energy yet with no caffeine, increases circulation, improves memory, excellent for vision, blood pressure and blood sugar.