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How A New Life Ministry Began

  Hi Everyone!

I'm Emily, the owner of A New Life Herb and I'd love to share of bit of my heart and tell you about a new ministry I feel the Lord is leading me in hopes that the Lord will lead you to join me as well!

It all began about 5 years ago when the Lord put an incredible burden on my heart for the church and our community of Fayette Co.  During this time I organized many prayer meetings and events in efforts to bring the local churches together to serve our community.  

I began by organizing an event that I called 'Jesus Feeds'.  Through Jesus Feeds, local businesses would donate food and supplies, while the local churches would come together to seve our community with food, music, and testimonies.  We all had a great time while sharing the gospel and helping our neighbors! Only, we failed to make deep, lasting relationships that foster growth and discipleship, and it was the relationships that I most desired to build.

     Then about two years ago our church adopted Westview Manor Apartments, the projects of Somerville, TN.  Every Wednesday night, a team from our church at Fayette Baptist Church meets at the projects during our normal church time.  There, we focus on building relationships by playing with and teaching the children, and holding a ladies Bible study in one of the homes. 


Through our ministry in the projects and the growth of my herbal business, the Lord began to teach me that there is no seperation between business and ministry.  It is all ministry!

     At this time, my ministry partner, Jennifer Eggen and myself decided to start what we referred to as a 'work day'.  Sandra James (one of the ladies from our Bible study) comes to my home each week and helps me with A New Life Herbs.  This gives us more opportunities to pour into her and build her up while she's able to use her many talents and gifts to help me with the many demands of keeping well supplied.  It has truly been a blessing for all of us!!

     From here, we branched out and started a 6-week nutrition class in my home for the ladies of the Bible study.  We partnered with Somerville's UT Extention office and enjoyed some neat fellowship, while learning more about proper nutrition.

     This brings us to where we are today.  We are now ready to launch our Work Life Porgram.


The Lord has already set the stage and given us a place among those bound by poverty.  

  • Relationships are already establised.  
  • Jennifer and I have already undergone training and are now certified Work Life facilitators.  
  • The Lord has provided us a place to meet at The Grove in Somerville and we are hoping to start our first class this October.

     Currently, we are building a team of support to be able to launch this ministry.  We need those willing to join us through:

  • prayer
  • volunteering
  • financial donations.

     If you are interested in volunteering on any capacity, please contact us !










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