These are all made with the finest and freshest organic herbs, no fillers, and encapsulated in pure beef gelatin.

Capsules provide a convenient method to administer herbs, but capsules are not always the best method.  We only encapsulate the herbs that we feel work effectly in this form.  

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Organic Ginger

Great for sinus pressure, nausea, morning sickness, reflux, and much more.... 50 capsules/ 450 mg

Organic Triphala

Cleanses and sharpens the digestive tract, improves assimilation and elimination. Anti-cholesterol, aids in weight loss. 50 capsules/ 680 mg

Organic Garlic

Garlic is recognized as a cure-all in practically every culture. Its benefits are limitless.

Organic Turmeric with Black Pepper

Among the vast benefits of turmeric is it's excellent anti-inflammatory benefits. Many people are managing arthritis and inflammation with 1-2 capsules of turmeric daily. 50 capsules/ 400 mg

Sinus Cap

Useful for all mucous conditions and lung congestion. Helps eliminate excess mucous, natural anti-biotic, expectorant, soothing to irritated sinus cavities. 50 capsules/ 510 mg

Activated Charcoal

Cleanse and detox. Adsorbs and eliminates toxins, fungi, and harmful bacteria. Also great for gas and bloating providing fast relief. 50 capsules/ 400 mg