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This formula contains herbal properties to assist with stress & anxiety, muscle tension, & nerve pain.







Energize Tea

Great flavor with a little spice! Naturally boost energy yet with no caffeine, increases circulation, improves memory, excellent for vision, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Energy Boost/ Crossvine

Gradually increases overall energy level and stamina without the 'crash' and even maintains energy levels. 2 oz dropper bottle standard dosage: 1-2 dropperful 2-3 x day

Happy Heart

Hawthorn Berry tincture. Used for the strengthening of the heart, blood pressure, atherosclerosis, etc. 2 oz. dropper bottle standard dosage 1-2 dropperful 2-3 x day

Pink Sumac-ade

Delicious, Healthy, & Nutritious! Naturally tart like a pink lemonade yet with many medicinal benefits. Excellent kidney herb and anti-viral.